End of long weekend

Today was a very good day, a social day unlike the rest of the weekend. That means I had a good time (and some very good sushi), but don't have a lot of concrete work to show for it. Alas, tomorrow it's back to work. I'm going to start by finishing our local Kerberos 1.4.4 package and testing that for an upgrade on Thursday, and then will try to continue my catch-up on the many, many things that I need to be doing.

Yesterday I did manage to get my to-do lists up to date and did a lot of e-mail catchup, and I may try to do some of that tomorrow as well if I have time (and if not tomorrow, definitely Wednesday). That always makes me feel better.

I finally finished A Feast for Crows on Saturday, and am now reading Nicola Griffith's Stay, which is spectacular. I may finish that tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a review written.

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