Reading day

Well, I had hopes for Friday letting me get a better jump on the weekend relaxation, but I think I needed a couple of days to recover. Work politics are always stressful. So, nothing really got done today (not that anything needed to, but I do have a list of Debian things that I wanted to get done) and I ended up reading for most of the afternoon. I've finally finished A Feast for Crows and have several reviews stacked up, which will hopefully be coming soon.

For tomorrow, maybe I'll focus a bit more on finishing a few things up, cleaning out e-mail, uploading new versions of lintian and libpam-krb5, and maybe getting the new OpenAFS build uploaded as well. Or not. It's the weekend -- we'll see how it goes.

Posted: 2006-09-02 21:14 — Why no comments?

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