I've been doing rather bad at writing anything lately, due largely to having to get up at 6am Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday to do upgrades (and then trying to prepare for the work that I was doing). However, the good part is that Kerberos v5 authentication is now enabled for Stanford's AFS cell and it appears to all work well.

Today I sent out the extended run-down on the status of our K4 to K5 transition. There's still a lot of work to do, but we're finally nearly at the point where all of it can actually be done. There's only a small bit of blocking development left, all of which we're actively working on, and then it's just a matter of converting services over and turning things off.

In other news, the Debian Madman package apparently doesn't work properly on AMD64 and upstream development has stopped, so I gave up and switched to Quod Libet. Which meant re-entering all of my ratings from Madman into Quod Libet. Bleh. I finished tonight, though, so now I can go back to rating music and trying to finish off my collection. Only about 80 hours of music to go. The long-term goal is then to script the process of syncing music to my portable player so that I only transfer (and index) things rated "good" or higher. Hopefully Quod Libet will do the right thing for creating .m3u files or I'm going to be sad.

I'm behind on reviews (two finished books and one, soon to be two, finished magazines), but once again this evening I didn't quite get to that. Oh well. I will soon, I expect.

Now it's off to exercise and then read more of A Feast of Crows.

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