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We're hopefully coming up fast on the Debian etch release. I'm not sure if I really believe even yet that it's going to be out in December, but hopefully it won't be long after that (and I'm going to try to help get it out on time).

The krb5 packages are in fairly good shape, and I don't plan on trying to package 1.5 (or 1.5.1) before the freeze. It may be worth packaging 1.4.4 when it's released, although I don't expect many changes there other than the security patch that we've already applied. The only other change that might be worthwhile is adding LSB support to the init scripts, which I may do if I have time.

For OpenAFS, we should release with 1.4.2, which will hopefully be out in the next few weeks. We're still likely to lose with newer kernels, but that should be good for the kernels that Debian will release with. I'm probably not going to have the time to get a new aklog PAM module into Debian before the release; we'll have to make do with libpam-openafs-session for one more release.

I just uploaded a major new version of the Kerberos PAM module and it will require a bit of settling in, but I think it should be good for releasing. It solves all of the existing bugs, so far as I can tell, other than the timeout when the network is down which is deep in the Kerberos libraries.

My random Kerberos packages are all in good shape. remctl 2.0 may require some minor shaking out, but hopefully not much. One more minor release of WebAuth to clean up a few things would be nice, but not critical.

xfonts-jmk is good to go. gtimer needs one more bug fix that I hope to find time to do soon. gnubg could stand to be updated to a current CVS snapshot and needs a couple of translations applied, but it's otherwise ready to go.

Hopefully this release I'll be able to help out more with fixing RC bugs and uploading NMUs. I'm still pretty leery of doing that, afraid of breaking things, but every Debian developer who can needs to kick in and get those RC bugs fixed, and I have a lot of skills in that area. Hopefully I can find some time in September to start on that; if not, I'll try to help after I get back from vacation in November.

I'm not sure we're going to make etch with Shibboleth. I may try, but it's rather late and I don't have a lot of free time to clean up the two remaining packages and get them release-ready.

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