remctl and PAM

After doing the main work for the day (figuring out how to export the afs service key from our K4 KDC and load it into our K5 KDC and then enable K5 authentication, all of which now works in the test cell), I started working on remctl 2.0 again. After spending the evening pounding on test suites, getting libtool working properly, and cleaning up the last few issues, I think it's done.

I've sent it off to a beta tester, and assuming they don't encounter any major problems, I'm going to redo the Debian packaging to reflect the new client library and the release it and upload it to unstable.

I've also now finished testing my new Kerberos PAM module with OpenSSH, including its ticket forwarding, and confirmed that the newly reported bugs in the old module are fixed in the new one. I think it's basically ready to release; I just have to redo my normal release procedures to work with bzr and write a few other bits of standard documentation. It doesn't have a real build system, but I can add that in the next release.

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