AFS script releases

I finally found a chance to add to my release script a check to see if there are scripts I've modified and forgotten to release as new versions to my web site. Running it, I found a variety of modifications to my AFS scripts that had never been pushed out, so I went ahead and did that.

afs-balance 1.6 changes the solver to cplexamp from cplex. That's more correct and works with newer versions of ILOG. You can get the latest version from the AFS balancing distribution page.

afsdb-load 1.18 adds support for mailing an alert to a configurable mail address if the nightly dump script is unable to get information from one of the configured AFS servers. You can get the latest version from the AFS reporting database distribution page.

All of the AFS Nagios check scripts (check_afsspace, check_bos, check_rxdebug, and check_udebug) have been updated to prefer AFS programs on local disk and to use a different output format that Nagios is somewhat happier with. You can get the latest versions from the AFS monitoring distribution page.

loadmtpt 1.13 adds a Stanford-specific restriction to not run on 64-bit systems, since the Berkeley DB database that we use isn't portable across changes in the word size. I need to find a better way of dealing with this, probably a better centralized database mechanism. Other sites may want to remove this check. You can get the latest version from the AFS mount point tracking distribution page.

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