Catch-up day

The plan for today was to just get caught up on e-mail, planning, organization, and all the things that fall behind while being out of town for most of a week. That went mostly as planned, and I even got a bit of internal packaging work for our K5 upgrade done late in the afternoon.

I'm still partly on east coast time and therefore fading early in the evening, which means I didn't get a book review written. However, I do think I have enough energy to read a bit before falling asleep, and tomorrow I can do the laundry, probably do some shopping, and take care of the remaining necessary household tasks.

I'm down to exactly 100 tasks on my short term tracking list, which is down about fifty from when I first entered everything in, mostly by actually finishing things. I'd like to get that down to about 50; it will probably never get much lower than that, just because there are lots of things I want to do. It's nice to see the steady progress, though, and I do feel like fewer things are slipping between the cracks.

More on that later.

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