This evening, I finally got over the hump of starting testing and debugging on the new Kerberos v5 PAM module I've been working on (based on the one currently in Debian). The bzr repository is now publically available and the module basically works. There were, as expected, a bunch of stupid mistakes which are now fixed, and I've tested all the basic functionality.

The next step is to use it myself for a few days and make sure that all the bits I expect to have work do work for me. I'm also going to ask a few other people to test it and make sure it works for them, and then assuming that all looks good, upload it to Debian. I should make a tarball release first for testing, though, since not everyone is going to want to pull it from bzr.

For those that do, though, the bzr repository is at which has the nice property of also doubling as a checked out source tree. The TODO file is currently nonsense; I need to finish it, write a NEWS file, and write a way to generate a changelog. But that should only take an hour, tops.

Posted: 2006-07-16 22:23 — Why no comments?

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