Pre-vacation haul

This was the Powell's order that I placed before vacation (as opposed to the trip to the used book store or the order I placed during vacation, since in the words of another, buying a book is buying the illusion that you'll have time to read it).

Mostly, I was going after the other two Nicola Griffith novels.

Peter S. Beagle -- Tamsin (sff)
M.J. Engh -- Arslan (sff)
Nicola Griffith -- Stay (mystery)
Nicola Griffith -- The Blue Place (mystery)
Kazuo Ishiguro -- Never Let Me Go (sff)
Janet Kagan -- Hellspark (sff)

I have two reviews pending, probably three by the end of the night or by the end of tomorrow night at the latest. Although I might write one tonight.

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