Finally, for the first time since Baycon and for the first substantial period since the beginning of April, I get to have some vacation. I'm out all of next week, during which I'm going to watch the World Cup, read, and possibly do a little bit of software development (but only if I feel like it). So far, I've just been crashing... I'm very tired this evening, even though all I did all day was travel.

Since I'm at my parents', eating and putting on weight will probably also be involved, so I'll have to step up the exercising when I get back.

I'm almost caught up on reviews but not quite. I'm significantly behind a 100-book-per-year pace this year so far, unfortunately, but I'm trying not to stress about it. It's an arbitrary goal anyway. June would have made up for May a little, but I didn't get all the reviews written. Oh well.

Tomorrow I may start poking at the Debian Kerberos PAM module instead, since I was really enjoying that last Tuesday before I went back to work on remctl instead.

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