Bits of Debian work

Well, today turned out to mostly be a domestic day, doing laundry and folding clothes and taking out garbage and cleaning up the kitchen. But I did manage to get enough Debian work done that I don't feel as guilty.

A new gnubg package has been uploaded, I've fixed a few things in lintian and we should be ready for a new upload there shortly, I'm nearly ready to upload a new kerberos-configs, and I poked at a few other things.

I still need to give libpam-krb5 some quality time, and the krb5 package could use an upload with fixes for the most recent bugs in the BTS, but at least I'm not feeling like I'm abandoning Debian completely as much. I could use a whole week to work on non-work things, and I'm not going to get the chance until the end of the summer.

Posted: 2006-06-24 23:43 — Why no comments?

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