Back in California

Well, I was going to write reviews today, since I'm rather far behind, but I got into an interesting discussion on bofh.* and couldn't keep my mouth shut in news.groups, so there went the rest of the day. Well, that and an unexpected nap.

Now that I'm back in town, I can watch the World Cup more easily. I should set up the TiVo for that before going to bed tonight, although I probably need to clean a bunch of things off it to ensure it has space.

The trip back from Ann Arbor was long, particularly since we had several hours to kill at the airport, but uneventful. I finished Sun of Suns on the plane, and I found a copy of The Black Powder War by Naomi Novik in an airport bookstore and promptly bought it. Anything to get stores like that to stock more SF, plus it's good to have the complete series before I start reading it.

Today's bread experiment was an Italian Parmesan cheese bread that turned out quite good. I know it's good bread when I like eating it without any butter or mayonnaise on it. I still over-ate a little bit today, but not as bad, and I got walking in early in the day. I should go walk again this evening, but I'm not going to; instead, I'm going to work on getting back into my rhythm of walking once a day rather than doing too much at once and burning out.

Also done today: five long-boxes assembled for my comics, although none actually put in the long-boxes yet. A box of old papers shredded. A new version of OpenAFS uploaded to Debian (and immediately running into some compiler mismatches with kernel modules, which I mailed debian-devel about). I was also going to build a new version of our local Kerberos package, but ran into some weird problems. They're now fixed, but I'll have to do the actual builds tomorrow.

I didn't get as caught up with mail as I was hoping, so that too will have to wait until tomorrow, but I got a start on it.

Tomorrow will be a catch-up and resynchronization day; I'm not expecting to get a lot of regular work done. I do need to start figuring out reservations for the AFS hackathon at the end of July, since plane fare is just going to start getting more expensive. Maybe this time I can use the travel agency that Stanford is theoretically supposed to be using.

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