Borderlands haul

A friend and I went up to San Francisco to Borderlands Books today, both to do some general book shopping and to pick up an Advance Review Copy of Karl Schroeder's latest book that they were holding for me. (Thank you!)

The results:

Elizabeth Bear -- The Chains That You Refuse (sff)
Jacqueline Carey -- Kushiel's Scion (sff)
John Clute -- Scores (non-fiction)
Naomi Novik -- Throne of Jade (sff)
Karl Schroeder -- Sun of Suns (sff)

Tomorrow, I catch a plane for Ann Arbor and hopefully will be able to get lots of quality reading in on the plane. Next week is the AFS and Kerberos Best Practices Workshop, which will involve a lot of networking and a couple of presentations. But I'm really hoping to both save some time for exercise and some time for reading.

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