Productive day

That was better. I think today was the most productive day that I've had for a couple of weeks.

The slides for both of my presentations for the AFS and Kerberos Best Practices workshop next week have been written, and I now have a fairly good idea how I'm going to structure my talks. Unfortunately, the second half of the wallet presentation is going to involve a lot of hand-waving since I won't have working code by the time of the conference, but oh well. The WebAuth presentation is on firmer ground.

That was the morning's work. After a great game of volleyball, I then got our new local krb5 packages in shape. I've imported the Debian packaging files, switched the build system to use quilt so that I can more easily work with the patches, and imported the initial patch for a password verification API. Everything builds; I've not done any testing yet.

Tomorrow, I go through the Stanford-specific patches to Kerberos and start breaking the patches out by functionality, instead of area of source base, and turning them into something that I can contribute back to MIT. In the process, I should be able to replace our current Kerberos packages with a complete set of packages built from something much closer to the Debian sources but with our patches applied, which will resolve some issues we were seeing on AMD64.

Also, a new OpenAFS version tomorrow, I think. I'm not sure if I'm going to just upload a new version immediately, or if I'm going to fiddle with the debconf templates and give people a few days to unfuzzy translations. I really should do the latter, but the broken PAM module build on AMD64 is rather annoying.

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