Weekend work

Well, not doing very well at getting book reviews written, but I expect they'll wait. I still have a strong memory of the three books I have pending, and maybe I'll find some time tomorrow. The problem has been that by the time I have enough free time to think about writing one, I'm tired enough that the words won't come.

My parents are here for the weekend, which means good cooking and also doing things around the house. My dad resized my old waterbed frame a little for my bedroom, and tomorrow we're going to take out my old bed frame and fit the air mattress into the waterbed frame, after which I'll have a headboard and drawers under my bed again. This will be very nice. Then, two large shelves from Ikea to put together and lots of pictures to hang. We may not get through all of that tomorrow, but there's Sunday to work on it as well.

By the end of the weekend, hopefully I will have gotten all of the new books shelved, all the furniture rearranged, and will feel more in control of my apartment and the space again. Which I need. There's so much going on lately at work and elsewhere, and so many things I'm trying to keep track of or are feeling behind on, that I need to practice stress management techniques and getting in control of my surroundings is a huge one for me.

So, you get life ramblings tonight instead of any of the other things I've been meaning to write up. But perhaps more tomorrow.

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