Baycon haul

I was up this morning at 6am and couldn't really go back to sleep, so alas tonight wasn't the night for really getting caught up. I had the time, but not the energy or focus. But I can at least list the books purchased this time.

Douglas Adams -- The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide (sff)
J.G. Ballard -- The Unlimited Dream Company (sff)
Iain M. Banks -- Against a Dark Background (sff)
Iain M. Banks -- Excession (sff)
Mark Budz -- Clade (sff)
Avram Davidson -- Peregrine: Secundus (sff)
Cory Doctorow -- Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (sff)
Steven Erikson -- Gardens of the Moon (sff)
George R.R. Martin -- The Armageddon Rag (sff)
Richard K. Morgan -- Broken Angels (sff)
Richard K. Morgan -- Market Forces (sff)
Larry Niven -- The Magic Goes Away (sff)
James H. Schmitz -- The Witches of Karres (sff)
Charles Stross -- Toast (sff)
Tricia Sullivan -- Maul (sff)
Connie Willis -- Impossible Things (sff)

The Douglas Adams, with a leather-like binding and looking like a Great Work of Literature, is just too funny. I couldn't pass that up, particularly for only $20.

Not sure when I'm going to get a chance to read all of this, although now that I've finished the third of the Song of Ice and Fire I'll make faster progress until I start the fourth.

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