I'm alive, redux

This has been the month for not communicating with the outside world.

I'm hoping to do better next month, including catching up on a large backlog of reviews, doing more Debian work, posting more frequently about what's going on, and working on getting my life a bit more organized. However, project work is going to continue to hammer at me, I'm going to be travelling next month (and July as well), and it remains to be seen how much time I'll have.

Baycon was excellent, although not quite as good as last year (but last year was the best Baycon I can remember in quite a while). I'll try to write up a more detailed con report later; suffice it to say that I bought quite a few books, had a great conversation with the employees of Borderlands Books and now need to go up to SF to visit their store, picked up more artwork (including winning another piece at auction), played much pinball, and stayed up until very late talking. It was not the most relaxing vacation, but it was a great mental break.

Today, I was still catching up on organization, but I still managed to cross two or three things off the to-do list and make progress on the next version of remctl, so I'm content. Tomorrow, I get up at 6am again to do a DNS upgrade, but it's the last one, and then that project is nearly done.

I owe you all three book reviews, a haul post, a con writeup, and an update on Debian projects, at least. And probably some musings over Big Eight newsgroup creation. We'll see when I get to that; tomorrow is a new month.

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