Last Hugo haul

This is the last set of book purchases for getting all the Hugo nominees. (If I actually get to A Feast of Crows, I expect I'll borrow it rather than buy it.) It's probably also the last book purchases until Baycon, where I'm sure I'll get at least something in the dealer's room.

Patricia Anthony -- Cold Allies (sff)
David Gerrold -- A Matter for Men (sff)
Linda Nagata -- Memory (sff)
John Scalzi -- Old Man's War (sff)
Sharon Shinn -- The Alleluia Files (sff)
John Sladek -- Alien Accounts (sff)
Paula Volsky -- Illusion (sff)

I'm caught up on reviews except that I just finished A Clash of Kings. Quick preview: Eh. I think Martin's starting to lose me. Things are simply not happening fast enough and I don't care about the characters enough to wade through 1,000 page books. It's better than Jordan but also less compelling than Jordan in complicated ways. But more on that later.

Posted: 2006-05-02 23:36 — Why no comments?

"Old Man's War" is tremendous fun -- don't be surprised if you read it in one sitting.

I've never gotten past page 20 of the first book in that Martin series. I've enjoyed a few of his earlier books, but I'm just not ready to commit to that kind of fantasy-doorstop relationship.

Posted by Christina Schulman at 2006-05-07 18:17

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