Debian weekend

Well, this was going to be the weekend when I finally finished the heavy lifting for a new News::Gateway release (or at least got closer), insofar as I had any free time aside from helping a friend move into the area. But I ended up doing Debian things instead, inbetween being amazingly successful in helping with moving. (Arrival to apartment reserved in four days has to be some sort of honorable mention.)

Damage done this weekend: New release of OpenAFS fixing a couple of bugs in the 1.4.1-1 package, new release of krb5 fixing a few bugs that has to sit in NEW because it introduces a new debugging symbol package, an upload of kerberos-configs adding me as comaintainer and fixing a bunch of bugs, additional tests for lintian to catch pieces of the X.Org 7 transition, debugging the debian/rules checks I added to lintian, and filing lots of random bugs about various things.

Given how little time I had to sit in front of the computer and hack, I'm calling that very impressive.

Tomorrow is going to be a touch chaotic as there's a welcome dinner in the evening, possibly more moving help during the day, and a full slate of miscellaneous work things that I need to focus on. I expect life to slowly calm down towards the middle and end of the week, allowing me to do things like catch up on review-writing, start exercising nightly again, and get more reading in. We'll see.

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