OpenAFS 1.4.1 and Debian

OpenAFS 1.4.1 is in the final stages of being released, and I've now uploaded 1.4.1 packages to Debian unstable. This should fix all the problems people were having with 2.6.16 kernels, as well as clean up a variety of other issues. The new packages also subsume both the separate openafs-doc package and the separate openafs-krb5 package, so the AFS packages are now simpler as well.

I need to check with Sam one more time, but I think I'm also ready to upload new versions of krb5 and kerberos-configs, which will clear out most of the pending uploads that I have and reduce the bug count in Debian by another fair chunk.

Other Debian work currently in flight: A new version of xfonts-jmk that adds two more Unicode sizes (thanks to Derek Upham) is currently waiting on some bug fixes to the new modular X.Org 7 uploads in Debian unstable. The next version will move the fonts to the new, correct location (and thus eliminate a lintian override), but the X.Org 7 imake doesn't work at all because its configuration wasn't packaged. I just uploaded a new svn2cl package to my personal repository; it's going to eventually be added to the main Subversion packages once it's included in an upstream release. I have a Debian Policy amendment approved, I think, or at least no one is objecting to it. And I think I have one more session of lintian bug cleanup before everything is categorized nicely.

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