Today was mostly that first-day-of-vacation settling in and slowly relaxing sort of day. It takes a while to shift gears away from work, stop answering work mail that doesn't have to be answered, and calm down and start feeling hours stretching out in front of one instead of rushing past in a hurry. I think I'm starting to feel like I'm fully on vacation now, although last week was chaotic enough that it may take a bit longer than normal. We're thinking about heading over to the west coast of the island at some point this week and getting even more away from everything for a day or so.

Inbetween the relaxing, catching up on book reviews, and reading (Sharon Shinn, currently), though, I did get a fair bit of work done on lintian. I committed patches for another five or six bugs in Subversion and analyzed another. I have a goal of getting the total bug count in lintian down under 100, although I think that's going to take several more uploads.

It's a lot of fun. *grin*. I'm glad that one of the things that I really wanted to work on when I first started in Debian is turning out this well.

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