Wonderful catch up

I love a weekend devoted to cleaning things up, organizing things, getting things off my to-do list or out of places where they're nagging at me, and coming away feeling far more organized.

Using Roundup to store long-term issues is going to work quite well. I'm still just laying the groundwork for organization rather than doing very much, but I can feel already that I'm going to be far more organized about accomplishing things. All of the old gateway bugs have been sorted out and are now in my local Roundup instance. All the work stuff is in the work tracker (which is even better, since that means other people can pick things out of it to work on). I have fewer groups in Gnus with ticked articles than I have in years, and I still have some low-hanging fruit that I can clean up tomorrow.

And, as a bonus, I sorted through the pending INN stuff and built another test release of INN 2.4.3. Tomorrow I put that on headwall and make it available for general testing, and if nothing major turns up, I'm going to release it on Tuesday or Wednesday. It's been long enough.

Only one review written this weeked, and after walking tonight I'll have three pending. I think this coming week is going to be the week when I start figuring out how to quit a bit earlier and leave more time in the evening for doing other non-work things, since I'm certainly working more than 40 hours a week for Stanford right now.

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