Journal lameness

Well, I've certainly not been doing well at writing journal entries lately.

I've been hard at work on, well, work, and in the evening, I've been reading technical mailing lists and then going off to read books. This means that both reviews and journal entries haven't been written (which means that I'm also badly behind on writing book reviews). On the other hand, quite a bit of other things have gotten done.

I think the bulldozer effect of my new time management system (yes, still sticking with it) is getting better. Admittedly, that's partly because I actually worked far too much this week and need to cut back on how much I'm tackling each day, and I also am still underestimating the amount of time things take. However, I'm now only pushing five items (four hours of estimated work) back to next week, whereas last week I pushed twenty items on to this week (and over eleven hours of work). I've now pushed more of my long-term to-do list into the group Roundup tracker; I only have one other stash of to-do items to sort through and then push into the work tracker and my personal tracker. So slowly this system is helping me get on top of all the things I'm supposed to be doing.

The little planner I bought when I was first getting started with this is holding up surprisingly well, although it doesn't have a calendar. I really do need to re-read the time management book, though, and pay close attention to some of the things I skimmed over the first time.

On the technical side, the internal testing pre-release of WebAuth went out on Wednesday as planned, despite seven hours of meetings that day (most of which was one five-hour once-per-year meeting). I didn't get the public release out today, as you might have noticed, but I have hopes for getting it out on Monday. I also got a bit of remctl development work done this week, which was a very nice feeling.

Enough for this week. The weekend is completely unscheduled beyond a vague intention to get back to INN, and will probably involve quite a bit of watching basketball and a new baby social visit. Now, it's off to read for a bit before I fall asleep.

Currently reading: Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky and Spin by Robert Charles Wilson.

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Don't confuse avocation with vocation. Or either with recuperation or vacation.

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