Much of today was spent thinking that VMware was breaking something about AFS system calls, trying to figure out why and how, wasting other people's time to help, staring at KTH Kerberos code, being confused by the Linux kernel defining the system call number for AFS, and then discovering that all of the problems were because AFS is now case-sensitive about cell names and a config file had the cell name in uppercase.

The less said about that, the better.

The rest of the day was spent installing Roundup on my personal workstation as a ticket tracking system so that I can get various bugs in software packages I maintain out of my e-mail and into something more structured. This was incredibly successful. I haven't bothered setting up an e-mail interface yet, but the web interface rocks, and that's rare for me to say. It's also wonderfully customizable, although fiddling with the HTML is a touch tedious. But following the instructions, I added a new field and made it searchable, and that worked as expected.

Now I need to fill it, of course, and then possibly work out some other methods of accessing the data, but so far, so good. Next week, we're going to install an instance for the use of my whole team at work, which will be a bit more of a stress test.

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