OpenAFS docs

I got some more work done tonight, continuing to work on the things I've been feeling guilty about. This time it was OpenAFS. The patch that should fix builds with AMD64 and Linux 2.6 is now pulled up to the release branch, I answered the old mail about the new reference docs, fixed a few things, added a bunch more to the to-do list, and fixed some issues with the HTML conversion.

The biggest fixes are that all of the interpage links should now work and the synopsis should be wrapped nicely and hence more readable. The fix for the synopsis is a little ugly, but it's livable.

You can see the current working tree at (although note that if you read this much after I wrote it, this link will probably be dead). There's an ever-growing list of things to do, but we're getting there.

Looks like this month will end with only five book reviews, but I have a book pending review and will likely finish another tonight or tomorrow, so I'll catch up again. On the Olympic month, and a short one at that, I get to fall a bit behind schedule.

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