gnubg and gtimer

Yes! Actual productive work happened today!

I finished catching up on the Olympics (which didn't require much, since I stayed up until 3am last night watching the evening program) and then, at about 2:30pm, decided that I really needed to get out of the house and away from the TV and do something completely different than watching TV.

One cross-campus walk later, I'd picked up my mail, cleared my head, and decided to try to knock some things off the top of my to-do list in the nice, quiet, empty office rather than going back home. New versions of gnubg and gtimer have now been uploaded and I feel less guilty about my Debian packages now (although libpam-krb5 still needs serious attention).

I didn't fix the AMD64 crash in gnubg. It turns out that I don't have an AMD64 system where I can really test and the valgrind output wasn't helpful. I did poke around and discover how to log on to a porter system, only to discover that it works fine in text mode. So, appeal out to the debian-amd64 list, and hopefully someone can track down the problem.

I did, however, retire the gnubg-bearoffs package in favor of including the smaller database in gnubg-data and building the larger database at installation time if desired. In the process, I learned how to write debconf prompts from scratch. gnubg now runs all the autotools at build time (another huge learning experience) and I tracked down and cleaned up a bunch of other minor problems. The FTBFS on hppa and m68k should hopefully now be fixed as well.

quilt rocks my world. It's almost like using a real version control system, plus has fancy patch features. Both dpatch and (particularly) dbs start annoying me quickly, but quilt just feels smooth.

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