Push, push, push

Now I'm starting to push through and get things done, even though it's like going uphill. Today, a tiny bit of OpenAFS work, a small bit of machine building work, and more documentation of group standards. Tomorrow, maybe even more. The Olympics are almost over, after which it will be much quieter, I'll have fewer distractions, and I expect that a more productive mood will come more easily.

kstart 3.1 was released today to add a flag to make group-readable ticket caches, but it turned out that we couldn't use them anyway since K5 cares a lot about the cache ownership. So I'm probably going to just take the code out again and release kstart 3.2. I'm still pondering whether I want to try to add something else for that release, just so that I don't have two releases with no forward progress at all. Maybe some documentation of usage examples, or some code refactoring. Probably the latter.

I'm still way behind with INN and Debian work, of course, but eventually that will get fixed.

Posted: 2006-02-23 23:35 — Why no comments?

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