New review indices

I did this work a while back, but I never mentioned it here, so I will belatedly. For my reviews, I've now added a couple of additional indices. I now have a list of book reviews sorted by review date. I've also indexed all of my short SFF reviews from both short story collections and from magazine reviews in a new SFF short fiction index. I'm not sure how useful either will be for people other than me, but I find both interesting and am using the latter to track which short fiction writers I like.

Also, just tonight, I've added the Sunburst Award to my list of SFF awards. It's a fairly new award, starting only in 2001, but it seems to be picking some interesting books. So far, it's the best award in terms of my rating because the only winner I've read is Air. I'm sure the perfect track record won't last.

Posted: 2006-02-18 22:36 — Why no comments?

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