Mood crash

I've been really quiet lately since I'm going through a bit of a mood crash. This is normal for me, particularly after a spurt of strong productivity such as, well, pretty much all of December and January. Unfortunately, while they usually last two or three days, this time it came at a time of a lot of stress at work and a bunch of other things going on, so it's been lingering for a while. I've been fighting mood for the past couple of weeks and the end of last week and I've been very short on energy and motivation the end of last week and the beginning of this week.

I'm slowly starting to dig myself out from under it, but I'm having to do aggressive prioritization since right now I feel like I'm horribly behind on everything. I'm also trying to take it easy, not push myself too hard, and tackle things one step at a time. So don't expect to hear a lot from me for a little bit.

On top of that, it's also the Winter Olympics, and I watch the Olympics fairly aggressively. The TiVo has been programmed to pick up nearly everything I can with an old single-channel TiVo, and I've been submerging myself in sports I love and rarely get to see, like curling. All of my reading and exercising time are going into that right now, so this month will likely be very short on book reviews. I have another magazine review and another book review pending, and then I'm hoping to finish a few other short books but it may be a four or five review month.

Tomorrow, the goal is another WebAuth release and then some Debian work. I don't think I'm going to get to remctl work this week, but I can start that next week. Thankfully, the upcoming weekend is a long one, so hopefully I can use that to shed the rest of my low mood.

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