S/Ident 3.6

Well, I thought I might be able to use my Autoconf macros from kstart and remctl verbatim, but S/Ident needs both GSSAPI and the Kerberos v4 compatibility libraries plus has various other oddities of its own with library linkage, so that didn't really work. I ended up writing new Autoconf macros based on the ones I did elsewhere, the same as I did with WebAuth. But that's done now, and S/Ident now uses krb5-config and has a much more modern Autoconf setup.

That's pretty much the only change in the new release, except that I also took the opportunity to make Kerberos v4 support optional. MIT is eventually going to drop the Kerberos v4 backward compatibility libraries, and I want to keep S/Ident in Debian for those few applications where it's still useful.

You can get the new release from the S/Ident distribution page.

I expect this is the last release I'll do for quite a while. Maybe someday I'll clean up the code a bit more, but given that we're going to stop using S/Ident for nearly everything, if not everything, I really shouldn't spend a lot of time on it. There's a lot of other work to do.

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