Non-fiction haul

I gave in and ordered more books in the middle of last month, since of course I can't manage to read books faster than I buy them. This time, I went mostly for non-fiction and mainstream fiction, since I have a ton of SF already that I've not read.

L. Timmel Duchamp -- Alanya to Alanya (sff)
Marcus du Sautoy -- The Music of the Primes (non-fiction)
Thomas Marton -- The Seven Storey Mountain (non-fiction)
Vladimir Nabokov -- Lolita (classic)
C.S. Lewis -- English Literature in the Sixteenth Century (non-fiction)
Rebecca Ore -- Alien Bootlegger (sff)
George Orwell -- Volume 1: An Age Like This (1920-1940) (non-fiction)
Mary Doria Russell -- A Thread of Grace (mainstream)
Richard Seaver, Terry Southern, & Alexander Trocchi (ed.) -- Writers in Revolt (mainstream)
Edward R. Tufte -- Political Control of the Economy (non-fiction)
Oscar Wilde -- The Picture of Dorian Gray (classic)

I'm not sure when I'm going to get to any of this, as of course I have all those other books I bought still to read and some of these volumes are rather substantial. But some of this non-fiction I'm really looking forward to reading.

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