WebAuth 3.4.1

Finally found enough time at the end of the day today to finish up the last bits of work and get the release out the door.

The big news in terms of work is that WebAuth has now been ported to Heimdal. I tested it with 0.7, but hopefully it should work with 0.6 as well. The only thing that might break with 0.6 is that it relies heavily on deep internal knowledge of the data structure of a credential, so if that was rearranged, things may break.

The big user-noticable change is that I had to revert the change to not modify URLs to content that isn't WebAuth-protected. Unfortunately, one can't really tell whether WebAuth is going to be applied, and with this change WebAuth didn't strip the WebAuth information from URLs protected by .htaccess. This then broke certain CGI and PHP scripts. In partial recompense, I documented the WebAuthStripURL option, which had always been there, and it's now officially supported as an option.

There are a few other minor changes. I discovered that the LDAP module was using deprecated OpenLDAP interfaces, so it no longer does, and the build system should now find the com_err headers on recent Red Hat releases.

You can get the latest version from the WebAuth site.

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