Super Bowl Sunday

Well, that was fun, and worked out quite well. I went shopping in the morning, Digant and Jon both made it, there were lots of snacks and a bit of time for video games before the game, and we ended up enjoying the game quite a bit. It wasn't the best football game -- in fact, it was rather sloppy all around -- but there were still a few good plays. And I enjoyed the largely slapstick-themed commercials.

I'm still feeling horribly behind on everything, but it's hitting me less today than it was yesterday and I'm feeling a bit more energetic. It's possible some of the problem is stress at work from trying to set things up for new projects and new staff members combined with a lot of social activity lately for me. I may need to be a hermit for a while and recover. I also think I'm fighting off or coming down with a cold, which overall may not be the worst thing in the world; it would be a good excuse to take some time and recover and catch up mentally. Accordingly, I'm not horribly worried about it; if I catch it, I catch it.

I have at least been playing some video games lately, mainly Outlaw Golf. I can provide a litany of its failings, but despite that, I've still gotten more than my $10 work out of it already. It's a fairly decent golf game (although approach shots are incredibly frustrating), it moves right along, and it scratches an itch. I don't know that I'll play lots of it in the long run, but for right now, I'm enjoying it.

I haven't walked in a few days and I'm feeling rather bad about that right now, so I'm going to go force myself to get some exercise in now and then read until I fall asleep and not worry too much about when or whether I make it into work tomorrow.

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