Scattered work

Well, given that I was feeling rather behind on things, I was going to work late tonight and try to catch up. I ended up working late, but I got distracted into historical archeology and DNS name cleanup and didn't actually get much work done.

Oh well.

Today was mostly a meeting, procedure, and write-up day anyway. Tomorrow, I only have one half-hour meeting, so I should be able to get a new WebAuth release out and then try to catch up on Debian work. Maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll also get a bit of OpenAFS documentation work done as well.

Geoff Ryman's Air is utterly awesome. I need to write a review of it. I'm currently reading Salt: A World History and Paul J. McAuley's Fairyland. The latter, so far, is doing nothing for me; hopefully it will get better.

Not sure what I'm going to work on this weekend. Feeling really productive and launching into INN work would be a great thing for me to do, but I don't know if I'm going to feel up to it. Sunday, I'll watch the Super Bowl, at least. I don't think I have anything in particular planned around it, but I may see if anyone at work wants to get together for the game.

I'm still staying relatively caught up with e-mail, but I could be quite a bit better, and I'm sitting on some things that I really need to deal with. I could use a whole week of pure catch-up, but I'm too interested in programming that I keep diving into some project and then getting distracted. There are worse problems to have, I suppose.

Still owe people a few replies in comments; maybe I'll do at least one of them now.

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