WebAuth ported to Heimdal

I had a difficult time getting started this morning, answering lots of work mail and reading a lot of random other mail before being productive. Then I fiddled around with making a distribution of the new version of fetchmail (local Stanford thing, unrelated to and predating ESR's program of the same name) that does K5 GSSAPI authentication. I think that's now ready for builds on all supported platforms.

But this evening, I made up for the slow start; the URL stripping fix and WebAuthStripURL documentation is done for 3.4.1, the et/com_err.h fix is now in, and then, just because I felt like it, I ported WebAuth to Heimdal. This took a bit of doing since WebAuth completely disassembles a ticket to pass it along inside a WebAuth token and reassembles it on the other end; I'm probably going to handle portability by pulling four or five functions out into a separate file, one for MIT and one for Heimdal, and then conditionally including one or the other based on Autoconf results. But it wasn't as nasty as I expected, and I managed to get all of the tests passing.

Tomorrow, I'll do the appropriate configure glue and then run the acid test of actually building the module and WebKDC and seeing if they work. If all goes well, I'll probably release 3.4.1 tomorrow, or maybe Friday if I run out of time.

Posted: 2006-02-01 21:35 — Why no comments?

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