spin 1.62

I'm probably the only one who will care about this one, as it's an update of the handling of \quote, which is one of the few functions left in spin that's very idiosyncratic to my own web site. Quotes that weren't centered left the attribution floating out in space in a way that made it look sort of like that person supposedly wrote the page, rather than just the quote, so I've now hacked in a little more logic that puts an em-dash before the attribution and uses a different class if the quote isn't centered. In the style sheets, I now float those attributions over to the right-hand margin. The inconsistency in attributions is annoying, but I think that overall this still looks better.

You can get the latest version from my web tools distribution page.

I really need to rewrite spin as a Perl module. I've been meaning to do that for quite a while, and it would make things a lot easier for some things we do with spin for work. (For bonus points, I could write an Apache filter that would let us just put raw thread files up and convert them to HTML on the fly, but I think I'll only do that if I'm really bored.)

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