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Finally, I found the time to sit down and figure out what needed to be done to generate good HTML documentation from the new OpenAFS POD manual pages. It doesn't help that, while Sean Burke's code always works quite well once I figure out how to use it, it's nearly unreadable to me and extremely difficult to work with.

He apparently thinks much the same about mine, so there is that.

Anyway, I gave up on Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch the first time around because I just couldn't understand it and started writing something to use thread and spin. But that was going to introduce a bunch of other work that I would have to do on pod2thread, work that I didn't really want to do, so I went back to looking at Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch. Amazingly enough, I actually figured out how to subclass Pod::Simple::HTML to do what I wanted, and then I figured out that I could abandon the broken indexing support and just do my own index.

Some style sheet fiddling, and the result is HTML documentation (that link is to a temporary staging area, so if you're reading this message several months later, it'll probably be dead).

The script has been committed to the repository, and now I await comments. Obviously some navigation between the pages would be useful, and the pages look rather plain (I'm thinking about talking F<> into being something other than italics for the web pages), but it really worked out better than I was expecting for the first cut. The content is all there and very readable. Pod::Simple::HTML doesn't have the horrific problems that the current Pod::HTML has.

Anyway, thankfully I got that done, since tomorrow I need to build weblogin-dev, bring up a test server for doing SPNEGO, and then release a new podlators. And maybe take some time to myself, since I've been working flat-out the last few days.

Once again, unlikely to get a walk in tonight. And I overslept something fierce this morning, not waking up until 11. All signs that I should slow down, except I keep getting things done!

Posted: 2006-01-24 22:20 — Why no comments?

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