Debian day

Well, I finally got the latest version of GNU Backgammon uploaded last night, so today I spent the day catching up on other Debian work. libpam-krb5 should now be ready for upload again (there were serious problems with password changing that are now fixed), and I caught up completely with the Debian Perl group and did a bunch of other random work for them. It's kind of fun to just pick off a random Perl module that the group maintains, bring the packaging up to date, upgrade to the latest upstream source, and upload it.

Still a bunch of other things on the to-do list that I need to get to, but this was a wonderfully productive four-day weekend and has me feeling far more caught up. And this is a short week and then another three-day weekend.

Posted: 2006-01-16 22:15 — Why no comments?

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