A catch-up day

I decided to take a break from all regular work today and instead devote the day to trying to dig out from under an e-mail backlog. I wasn't quite as successful as I was hoping, since I only got through work mail and not personal mail (much of which is actually work-related), but I did at least get that far. I also finished setting up the new system builds for all of networking's DNS and DNS-related servers, so that migration should be about ready to kick off.

I'm taking the next two Fridays off work to try to catch up on various non-work stuff, including reading, Debian work, INN work, and personal mail (what I don't manage to catch up on this week). Since we also get MLK day off, that will mean a nice four-day weekend this coming weekend.

One more book arrived in the mail today:

Samuel R. Delaney -- The Motion of Light in Water (non-fiction)

This is Delaney's autobiography, published by University of Minnesota Press. I bought it on impulse after seeing it mentioned on-line. So far, I've not been a huge fan of Delaney's fiction (although I've not read his best work), but I am a huge fan of his non-fiction writing. He had a recent article in NYRSF that was absolutely fascinating.

Also arriving in the mail today were my copy of Serenity (even if I wish for the season that wasn't, I still liked the movie well enough to own it) and the fifth season of West Wing. Yes, I still enjoyed it after Sorkin, even if it wasn't quite as good. Sorry to break ideological purity.

I have a book and a magazine finished and waiting for me to find the time to write reviews.

Currently reading: Faster by James Gleick, The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle (fluff, but entertaining -- I'll probably finish it tonight).

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