Slow Saturday

So, I mostly did nothing today. Not that this is a problem, since it's the weekend, but still, it ended up being a very quiet day. The only thing that's solidly in the accomplishment department is that I went and got my mail and then sorted through several large stacks of low-priority mail from which bills and such had previously been removed. Lots went into the recycling.

I have a ton of fairly nice magazines that I'm never going to read, mostly environmentalist magazines of one variety or another, that I need to do something with. I could just throw them away, but I hate to do that if someone else might enjoy them. I think I'm going to try to find somewhere on campus to drop them off and let other people pick them up if they want them, near a recycling can so that people can throw them away if no one wants them.

I did get one more book in the mail:

Nalo Hopkinson -- The Salt Roads (sff)

Hopkinson was selling copies of her books to fund a new computer, and I wanted this one to read at some point anyway, so I jumped at the opportunity.

Thankfully, my sore neck from this morning is now much better. I must have slept on it wrong. I need to get back to doing back and neck exercises.

Posted: 2006-01-07 23:29 — Why no comments?

But wait, it's barely Sunday morning now, how can you post retrospectively about Sunday? :-)

Posted by Jeff at 2006-01-08 08:37

Mostly by getting confused about what day it is. *heh*. Nice. I'll go fix that.

Posted by eagle at 2006-01-08 10:30

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