remctl and WebAuth today

Well, no book joy for you all today either, alas. Tonight was ping pong instead of doing other things. But between meetings today I did get the new remctl protocol specification mostly written (just in an e-mail for now; I still need to write the actual XML specification), and I started redoing the configure system for WebAuth to take advantage of the new Kerberos library probes I've worked out.

The tricky part about WebAuth is that it has a ton of library dependencies and the configure system is set up to only link the required components with the right libraries. That means I can't just dump everything into CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and LIBS, which means I couldn't use the new Autoconf macros verbatim. I currently have something based on them but stripped down, but now I'm thinking whether I want to make the new Autoconf macros even smarter. I could, and give them an option to set a different set of variables than the default ones, but I'm not sure it's worth the additional complexity. What I have now for WebAuth should work.

Finishing this, finishing --enable-reduced-depends for Debian, testing it, updating the XML protocol documentation one more time, writing documentation on how to configure SPNEGO, and rolling the user authentication documentation into the mod_webauth and mod_webauthldap manuals is my minimum set of things I want to do for the next release. I'm considering also trying to kill the remaining compiler warnings, but we'll see.

Tomorrow, I should do a bit of AFS work. This weekend, I want to do a bit of Debian work.

Now, I'm going off to read some more.

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