haven back up

haven (and therefore www.eyrie.org) should now be back up. I'm pretty sure that I was right about diagnosing thermal shutdown from a failing CPU fan, as the fan was making grinding noises and only spinning at 3500rpm. It's now been replaced with a much larger and much nicer fan that's spinning happily away at 4560rpm and which has the CPU 4C cooler when idling.

It'll be a couple of days before I'm confident that this was the problem and the problem was fixed, since it ran for a while before shutting down before, but I'm hopeful.

The train trip back home was one of the best trips I've had -- good book, good music, no problems, fast journey, and I even caught the shuttle just right at the end of it. And since I spent most of the vacation working, I don't even have much catching up to do.

I'm still going to write something about the last year in reading, but maybe not tonight. It's been a bit of a long day.

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