Sneaky productivity

Well, I was going to write a summary of the last year's reading and write another review this weekend, but while trying to keep myself busy and stop worrying about my computer and what I'll have to do to fix it when I get back home, I ended up pushing myself into another weekend of productivity. I think I'm going to see about taking it slow after I get back, particularly if the productivity streak fades.

Today, I decided to start working on what's required for the next WebAuth release. The main thing I want to do that's still undone is to update the WebAuth protocol documentation, and I didn't really want to maintain it in the HTML that Roland originally wrote it in. I've also been wanting to learn RFC 2629 XML for writing protocol specifications. So that's what I did today.

2000 lines of XML later, the protocol document has had a thorough editing job, various bits have been clarified and improved, and I've updated it in a few places where things have changed. I'm rather happy with the results; the HTML is a little strange in places, but overall it looks better, and now it's easier to edit and I can produce a text form as well. Plus, should we ever want to submit an I-D, this will make it much easier (although the specification would still require a lot of work to get it in shape for that).

The one thing that absolutely drives me nuts about xml2rfc is that it doesn't do hanging indent paragraphs (HTML description lists) properly. It always puts the first line of the paragraph on the same line as the tag, with just some whitespace between it and the tag. This looks horrible. I finally just added <vspace> tags at the beginning of every single element in such lists to make it look halfway decent in text.

Other than that, the format is fairly intuitive and works quite well while still being minimal. I approve.

Tomorrow, I travel. Then I fix my computer, which hopefully will be painless. Then I'll be much more relaxed, and I can finish a few more WebAuth changes and release 3.4.0. Then S/Ident and kftgt releases, and I'll have the decks clear to start the work on the new remctl protocol.

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