kstart 2.9

That ended up being a rather fun way to spend the day, although Kerberos portability is always even harder than I expect it to be. But I now have a good Autoconf macro that can uses krb5-config where appropriate, can handle both static builds and reduced dependencies for builds for Linux distributions, supports MIT Kerberos and Heimdal, supports KTH Kerberos for krb4, and supports libraries for gssapi, krb5, or krb4. I can now use that macro for all the Kerberos packages that I maintain, which should save some time.

I really need to write up a web page about how to port Kerberos applications between MIT and Heimdal and across the various versions of both. Other people would probably find this useful.

Anyway, all that's now in the latest kstart, and while I was in there and fixing a few other portability issues, I also ported the setpag support to the kafs library so Heimdal folks can be even happier. Plus, now k5start always uses krb5_err and krb5_warn for Heimdal (and has substitutes when using MIT), which means the error messages will be better and it doesn't call any internal functions.

You will be able to get the latest version from the kstart distribution page once haven is back up. In the meantime, the source tarball can be downloaded from my software archive.

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