Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone!

My mood for the day was thrown for a bit of a loop when haven (the system behind www.eyrie.org, as well as a mail server and shell account server) crashed for reasons as yet undetermined. I was afraid it was going to have to be down until Tuesday when I get back from vacation, but Quanah was kind enough to go reboot it for me, so it's back up now. Hopefully whatever caused it to shut down won't repeat, or at least will hold off until I get back into town.

I was going to get some other things done today, including finishing Charles Stross's Accelerando and writing a review to add it to my 2005 reading, but with that throwing me off and other things going on, I didn't get to any of it. It will have to start off next year's reviews.

A reading summary for 2005 will be coming, probably tomorrow.

The massive producitivity streak that I had last week lasted into the weekend but has now worn off. I got a few other things done this past week, but at a much slower rate (and my reading rate increased significantly). I don't mind at all; this is how mood cycles always work for me. Getting things done will be a bit of effort for a while, and then I'll have another productive streak. In the meantime, I've still managed to push through and get a few other things done; a new version of kstart will probably be out tomorrow or Monday.

New versions of remctl and kftgt still need to be released with additional bug fixes that Quanah found while building them for our pubsw platforms. That will either happen this weekend or shortly after I get back. I've done the next version of the remctl protocol design in my head and just need to write it down, so that will probably be what I'll work on first thing when I get back to work.

INN 2.4.3 is probably ready to go. headwall has been running it for a while without any noticable problems (although I haven't been looking at the logs closely; I probably should). I'll make it official in a few days.

Still to be done are catching up on rec.arts.comics.creative archiving and finishing the next News::Gateway release, as well as some podlators work and various pending Debian things, but some of that will wait for another productive streak or can be sprinkled among regular work.

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