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I'm theoretically on vacation, but I hit a real productivity streak, so I'm letting it play out and not worrying about the fact that I'm doing tons of work and not as much standard vacation stuff like reading. It will all sort out in the long run, and getting things done is a lot of fun. Of course, the other effect of this is that I'm bouncing from task to task and keep finding something else to do....

Today, I wrote a patch to fix lintian's checks for build-depends-indep after running into a false positive while sponsoring someone else's package. Then I wanted to start working on the INN 2.4.3 release, but that reminded me that I needed svn2cl to generate the ChangeLog. So I hunted down a copy of that, and then realized it would be fairly easy to package for Debian.

One man page and a quick packaging later, I had a fairly nice, tested package. Full of enthusiasm to go back to working on INN, I go upload it so that it will sit in NEW and then send a note to the maintainer making sure they're okay with this -- mistake, and I even thought at the time that I should mail the maintainer and wait for them to respond before actually uploading it. *sigh*. Should have listened to that.

Turns out the maintainer is actually a Debian developer. Urk. Obviously uploading a package of his software before even asking him isn't at all kosher. *embarassed look*

So I've now sent a note off to the ftp-masters asking them to reject or sit on that package for the time being and my mail to the maintainer is a bit more apologetic, and I feel kind of dumb. Oh well, there are worse mistakes I could be making.

svn2cl is really nice, though. It does exactly what I want and it's much simpler than cvs2cl to deal with.

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