Vacation near

I've finished first-pass editing of all of the OpenAFS man pages. I just need to do a final check-over tomorrow and make sure that everything looks reasonable, and then it's time to publically plead for proofreaders and updates. Oh, and start working on HTML conversion.

I've fixed a problem I introduced with my INN work on Sunday, and I think we should be pretty much ready for a 1.4.3 release.

The WebAuth SPNEGO implementation now no longer trusts anyone connecting to the WebKDC and does things the right way, and it wasn't even too tricky to debug. And a fixed libapache-mod-auth-kerb has been uploaded to unstable and krb5 can stop blocking KDE now.

That means that, except for some little things for K5 that I'm going to do tomorrow, I've now done everything that I really needed to do before going on vacation. So tomorrow will be devoted to cleaning those few things up, having dinner with friends, and then packing, possibly shelving books if I have time. And then Friday I'm travelling, and then I'm on vacation until 2006 except for being on call for the second week (which shouldn't require me to do much).

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