Bookstore sale haul

The Stanford Bookstore had a sale for faculty and staff a few days ago and since another coworker was going, I went along.

Elizabeth Bear -- Scardown (sff)
Elizabeth Bear -- Worldwired (sff)
Jon Courtenay Grimwood -- redRobe (sff)
China Miéville -- King Rat (sff)
China Miéville -- Looking for Jake (sff)
L.E. Modesitt, Jr. -- Flash (sff)
Neal Stephenson & J. Frederick George -- Interface (thriller)
Gene Wolfe -- Latro in the Mist (sff)

When I first started building up a library, I bought a lot of paperbacks, many of them used. I'm noticing that I'm slowly starting to buy more nice copies of books, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. It slows how many books I pick up, since I'm buying much faster than reading. And it's nice to see them on the shelves. The only drawback is that I can't read hardcovers or large trade paperbacks some places where I can read paperbacks, but I've got plenty of those still.

Anyway, the Wolfe replaces the first paperback of the series that's collected there. The Stephenson is one of the books he wrote with his uncle under the pen name Stephen Bury; I'm not sure yet if it's a triller like Zodiac or has a more SFnal tone.

I now have all of Miéville's books, but have only read two of them. Must get cracking.

Vellum was spectacular; I may write that review tomorrow.

Currently reading: The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson.

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