OpenAFS man pages

I finally found enough time to really kick off the OpenAFS man page project. A new conversion of all of the man pages from the existing HTML Administration Reference has been committed to the OpenAFS trunk, and I've finished the format and markup editing pass for all the section one man pages. That took me a day, so I expect there are two more days worth of intensive editing to do for section five and section eight. I'm planning on doing that next week.

The section one pages are ready for review, although I'm probably not going to work on them more until after I finish the first editing pass of the other pages. But I think we're actually going to get fairly reasonable (if still somewhat out of date) man pages and hopefully a good HTML conversion of the same into 1.4.1.

Now, hopefully other people will step forward and volunteer to help out with bits of this, particularly now that the man pages are in a format that should be fairly easy to edit.

Posted: 2005-12-09 22:45 — Why no comments?

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