Life update

I haven't posted a journal entry in a while. Y'all might be wondering what's happened to me.

My parents were down last weekend and we had a wonderful visit, including seeing the 1,064-year-old tree that Palo Alto is named after, taking my parents to Ikea for the first time (and getting a nice wall-mounted display case), and taking quite a bit of art to a local store to have framed. That's, not surprisingly, been somewhat distracting. I now I have a nice new top for my desk, thanks to my dad, and I've finally replaced my horrid old serial mouse with a USB trackball and upgraded the kernel to 2.6 on my home desktop system. (Bad choice of motherboards.)

All of my (or co-maintained) Debian packages except libpam-krb5 are now updated to fix my misunderstanding of policy, and in the process I made various improvements to several. The bug count for krb5 is now nicely low again, and even the openafs bug count isn't too bad. A new upload of libpam-krb5 is waiting on decisions about whether to work around PAM bugs in openssh (I think that upstream for libpam-krb5 is going to want the workaround regardless, though).

With that done, I'm now finally working on the AFS man pages. I have an initial conversion checked into CVS, but it's pretty bad. I'm about 10 man pages away from finishing the first editing pass of all of the section one man pages, and expect to commit that tomorrow. Section eight probably won't be done until next week sometime, and section five shortly after that. Once that's done, we should have fairly solid man pages for everything in AFS and can then start bringing them up to date for all of the development that's happened since. (Not to mention start going over them for nits and getting HTML conversion working well.)

I'm caught up on posting reviews, although I do have one magazine review to write for a magazine that I finished a few days back. That's why the flow of reviews has slowed down. I'm still working on Vellum by Hal Duncan, which is spectacularly good but requires attentive reading and hasn't been going very quickly while I've been distracted by other things. I expect I'll finish it this weekend, and then my rate of finishing books will probably increase again.

One more week of work and then I'll be on vacation for the whole Christmas break, although I'll be on call for part of that period and may do a few things over the break. We'll see. I really would like to get some work done on INN, but AFS and then SPNEGO for WebAuth take higher priority right now.

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